Regulations Governing the Editorial Board

National Taiwan Normal University Guidelines for Establishing the Journal of National Taiwan Normal University Editorial Board
  1. The Journal of National Taiwan Normal University Editorial Board (hereinafter referred to as the "Editorial Board") was established by National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) to encourage academic research, promote international academic exchanges, and improve the academic quality of papers published in the Journal of National Taiwan Normal University.
  2. The Editorial Board has the following tasks:
    1. Planning and execution of editorial policies.
    2. Collection of papers.
    3. Review of theses and dissertations.
    4. Editing of papers.
    5. Printing and publishing of periodicals.
    6. Formulation of review guidelines and operating procedures.
    7. Other affairs related to editing and review.
  3. The Vice President of the Office of Research and Development shall be appointed as Chairperson of the Editorial Board. The Chief Editor shall be recommended by the Chairperson and approved by the President before appointment; the candidate must be a domestic/overseas scholar with the qualifications of an Associate Professor and possess a prestigious academic reputation.
  4. In addition to the Chairperson and Chief Editor as ex officio members, the Editorial Board's composition shall include a minimum of 7 additional members appointed by the Chief Editor; the candidates must be domestic/overseas scholars with the qualifications of Associate Professor and possess prestigious academic reputations. In order to fulfill the editorial matters required for each period, the Chief Editor may appoint an additional person to act as Editor-at-Large. The Chief Editor and other Editorial Board members shall serve one year terms and may be re-appointed.
  5. Affairs related to paperwork, publications, and administrative duties shall be executed by NTNU Libraries. The budget required for the Editorial Board to conduct tasks, edit, and print the Journal of National Taiwan Normal University shall be apportioned from special funds and prepared annually by NTNU Libraries.
  6. Prior to publishing each edition of the Journal of National Taiwan Normal University, the Editorial Board must convene a meeting with more than half of all members in attendance; an ad hoc meeting or a remote video conference may be convened if necessary.
  7. All posts in the Editorial Board shall be honorary. When convening meetings, non-NTNU members may receive attendance fees or travel fees if they are outside of Taipei or New Taipei City, as deemed necessary.
  8. These Guidelines have been passed with resolutions sought from a Research and Development Meeting, and implemented with the approval of the President.