Regulations Governing the Editorial Board

Article One :

This university established the "Journal of National Taiwan Normal University Editorial Board" (herein referred to as the editorial board) to encourage academic research, promote international academic exchange, and enhance the academic quality of papers published in the "Journal of National Taiwan Normal University."

Article Two :

The duties of the editorial board are as follows:
1. Planning and execution of editorial policy
2. Solicitation and collection of manuscripts
3. Review of manuscripts
4. Editing of manuscripts
5. Printing and distribution of journal
6. Establishment of review guidelines and operational flow
7. Other tasks related to editing and review

Article Three :

The "Journal of National Taiwan Normal University" is published quarterly; one periodical is published each March, June, September, and December.

Article Four :

The dean of the Office of Research and Development (ORD) shall hold the position of chairman on the editorial board. The remaining board members shall consist of domestic and international scholars with a minimum of associate professor qualifications and academic prestige, recommended to the university president for appointment by the board chairman. The board chairman must appoint one editor-in-chief from among the board members.

Article Five :

The board must consist of a minimum of seven board members apart from the chairman. The proportion of board members from the National Taiwan Normal University must account for less than one third of the total number of board members. The editor-in-chief and board members have one-year terms, and may continue in their positions if re-appointed.

Article Six :

The editorial board shall hold an editorial and review meeting before the publication of each "Journal of Research in Educational Sciences" quarterly. At least 50% of all board members must be present at these meetings. Unexpected meetings may be called as necessary.

Article Seven :

Administrative operations related to paperwork, publishing, or distributions performed by the editorial board are under the oversight of the Office of Research and Development (ORD).

Article Eight :

Board member positions are unpaid. When meetings are held, off-campus board members must be paid attendance fees, and board members residing outside of Taipei city and county must be paid transportation fees.

Article Nine :

Funds required for the administration and operation of the editorial board, and the editing and printing of the "Journal of National Taiwan Normal University" are budgeted each year by the Office of Research and Development(ORD) and earmarked for these specified purposes.

Article Ten :

These regulations, as well as all amendments, were presented to the university president for promulgation after being passed by the administrative meeting.