Journal directory listing - Volume 48 Number 1 (2003) - Humanities & Social Sciences【48(1)】July

On the Spiral Structure of "Multiple, Binary, and Single (Zero)"---to take Chou-yi4 and Lao3-zi3 as the corpus observation Author: Chen Man-Ming(Department of Chinese Language and Literature,National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 48, No.1
Date:July 2003


An "adverse/diverse unity" is emphasized in philosophy or aesthetics as the most important principle for sorts of the changing rule or beauty appreciating norm. And it is true that lots of philosophical and aesthetic phenomenon could be interpreted by the principle. However, "adverse unity" means "Single" and "Binary"; "diverse unity" means "Multiple" and "Single". Such the differentiation focuses on partials. Although the topic meaning could be presented, the interpreter neglects easily the interaction between the "Binary" (in-yan2) and the complete structure of this decoding system. Hence, in the paper I eagerly try to uncover the meaningful similarity about the spiral structure; that is, an interactive and revolving process between compliance ("(zero) unity, binary and multiple" structure) and reverse ( "multiple, binary, and unity (zero)" structure), and null versus being as well, from some Chinese masterpieces, such as Chou-yi4, Lao3-zi3, and the like. By means of the meanings of "Returning is the motion of Tao" in Lao3-zi3 (Ch.40), "Everything would return back to its Root" (Ch.16), and "Fulfillment and then Non-fulfillment" in Chou-yi4's preface, I also deduce that process between them. Furthermore, this kind of process can circle again and again to begin to form a spiral structure. In other words, I highlight the interaction of the "Binary" function and the basic power of "zero" in order to perform the precise profundity of Chinese philosophical viewpoints about the human life and nature/cosmetics.

Keywords:"Multiple, Binary, and Single (Zero)", "(Zero) Single, Binary, and Multiple", Spiral structure, Binary adverse, Diverse unity, Chou-yi4, Lao3-zi3

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APA FormatChen, M.-M. (2003). On the Spiral Structure of "Multiple, Binary, and Single (Zero)"---to take Chou-yi4 and Lao3-zi3 as the corpus observation. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Humanities & Social Science, 48(1), 1-20. doi:10.6210/JNTNULL.2003.48(1).01