Journal directory listing - Volume 48 Number 1 (2003) - Humanities & Social Sciences【48(1)】July

The Study of the director's leadership style in the University Library Author: Chung-Chiao Lu(Department of Library and Information Sciences, National Taiwan University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 48, No.1
Date:July 2003


The University Library is the characteristic of university for research and teaching, and the Library Director leadership and behavior which will impact Library management. Among this study, the article investigate the current status of the University of Library Director's personal style and evaluate whether there is any relation in between. Through a qualitative case study, this research could evaluate the impact of Library Leadership upon Library culture in University. Data were collected through method of triangulation and linking with mutual proof and supplement . This study research methods includes focus group, account interview and document analysis.

Keywords:University Director, Leadership Style, Qualities Research

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APA FormatLu, C.-C. (2003). The Study of the director's leadership style in the University Library. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Humanities & Social Science, 48(1), 39-54. doi:10.6210/JNTNULL.2003.48(1).03