Journal directory listing - Volume 50 Number 1 (2005/April) - Humanities & Social Sciences【50(1)】

Interpreting Francis Poulenc's Piano Music Author: Shiow-Lih Lillian Shieh(Department of Music Education, National Taitung University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 50, No.1
Date:April 2005


Francis Poulenc(1899-1963)is one of the most important French composers of the twentieth century. In the last decade, the prolific Poulenc research has resulted in numerous publications(books, articles, and recordings)and Poulenc's music has made its way into concert halls everywhere. However, Poulenc's piano music is still relatively unknown to many piano students in Taiwan. Thus the purpose of this paper is to offer an interpretation of Poulenc's piano music. After providing a brief biography and discussing the characteristics (melody, harmony, tonality, etc.) of Poulenc's compositions, the author will investigate the interpretation of Poulenc's music in terms of tempo, pedal and touch. Musical examples, drawn from important works of Poulenc, are included to illustrate the suggested practicing procedure. It is hoped that this paper may serve as a reference for piano instructors and/or students.

Keywords:piano, piano music, piano pedagogy, Poulenc

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APA FormatShieh, L. S.-L. (2005). Interpreting Francis Poulenc's Piano Music. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Humanities & Social Science, 50(1), 131-149.