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The View & Reformation of Accomplishments of Malaysian Chinese Prose (1967-1975) Author: Da-Wei Chen(Department of Chinese Languages and Literature, National Taipei University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 54, No. 1
Date:March 2009


From late 1960's till 1970', Malaysian Chinese proses had gone into the powerful and conflictive revolution period. The multi development from various aspects of creativity, thematic thoughts and narrative styles, will get into some limitation while being analyzed via western way, in which those excellent proses not bounded within the theory will be omitted. Modern Malaysian Chinese writers keeping the "modern prose" as the principle of historical division, to separate against proses written in vernacular Chinese before is inappropriate either. The boundary of modern prose is fuzzy, and is lacking the harvest of practice to support the concepts. This article is trying to reconstruct and evaluating the trend & harvest of proses at that time. By locking on the unfold and evolvement of the creation courses of He Renjian, Wen Ruian, Wen Renping and etc writers of consequence who exhibited the powerful creativity and revolution consciousness, this article will reconstruct the development venation of a poetic history.

Keywords:intellectuality, spirit of wuyi, modern prose, poetic nature, taoism

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APA FormatChen, D.-W. (2009). The View & Reformation of Accomplishments of Malaysian Chinese Prose (1967-1975). Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Linguistics & Literature, 54(1), 69-90. doi:10.3966/207451922009035401004