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“Tiaoxi Yu Yin Yueh” on the Poems of Su Shih and Huang Ting-Jian Author: Kao-Ping Chang(Department of Chinese Literature, National Cheng Kung University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 56, No. 2
Date:September 2011


Hu Zi’s Tiaoxi Yu Yin Ts’ung Hua was an accomplished work at the start of the Southern Sung period, when scholars favored Yuan-You studies. At the time, a growing liberal political environment resulted in this book honoring Yuan-You academic achievements by advocating prestigious poets such as Su Shih and Huang Ting-Jian. The collected works contain many canonical compositions of the Northern Sung era, with elaborate comments and documentaries, marked “Tiaoxi Yu Yin Yueh” as the general note. It not only supplements The Anthology of Poetry, in which certain works were banned (due to censorship), but also preserves the detailed characteristic formation of Sung poetry. As everyone knows, Su Shih and Huang Ting-Jian promote the characteristic formation of Sung poetry, and we could realize this process through Hu Zi’s comments on these two poets. Hu’s comments on Su and Huang’s works show two aims: first, to uphold Yuan-You studies, to commend the two masters’ personalities and literary styles, and to act out “following Du Fu and accompanying with the Poetic School of Jiangxi;” and second, to elaborate the allusions and source of Su and Huang’s poems, reflecting the style “every word has its allusions” and the fashion “use knowledge to write poems.” These are the key points that differentiate Sung and Tang poetry. An examination of “Tiaoxi Yu Yin Yueh” reveals that Hu Zi uses a variety of sources from different schools to collect various documentaries of that time. As Taoist Pai-Shih Shih Shuo states, the original function of Shihua is to help beginners compose their own poems. However, it could also help veterans learn from each other by exchanging views. This is perhaps the reason that Hu Zi holds Tiaoxi Yu Yin Ts’ung Hua in such high esteem.

Keywords:Yuan-You academic achievements, characteristics of Sung poetry, Tiaoxi Yu Yin Yueh, Huang Ting-Jian, Su Shih

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APA FormatChang, K.-P. (2011). “Tiaoxi Yu Yin Yueh” on the Poems of Su Shih and Huang Ting-Jian. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Linguistics & Literature, 56(2), 33-66. doi:10.3966/207451922011095602002