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Explanation of Yuefu Guci Author: Jian-Hua Zhang(Chinese Classical Literature, Jiangsu Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 57, No. 1
Date:March 2012


The definition of Yuefu Guci has created considerable controversy. However, the words of the Song Book, which was written by ancient scholars, are received without objection. This paper reports a detailed investigation of the Song Book, which possesses the internal and external features of the Yuefu Guci. In addition, this paper summarizes the general characteristics of the Yuefu Guci, which was based on the instrumental system of folk singing and was produced during the Han, Wei, and Jin Dynasties. The article title or name of the song (accompanied by the contents of ancient speech) have connections to particular music features, which are characterized by the evolutionary process of the vocal system being combined with the instrumental system of music during the Han, Wei, and Jin Dynasties. Particularly, Han folk songs gradually transitioned to the instrumental system from the vocal system. The influence of folk literature on the formation of groups, as well as the spread of ancient speech, resulted in regulations and restrictions.

Keywords:Song Book, instrumental music, folk, Yuefu Guci

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APA FormatZhang, J.-H. (2012). Explanation of Yuefu Guci. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Linguistics & Literature, 57(1), 55-70. doi:10.3966/207451922012035701003