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The Analysis of Wang Meng-Juan's “Ten the Dynasty Ci-poems” Author: David Yang(Department of Chinese Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 58, No. 1
Date:March 2013



Based on his Jueju poems in his Hou Shi Zhai Poems Collection on the Qing Ci-poets, this paper analyzes Wang Meng-Juan’s views on these Ci-poets and the origins of their different styles. In addition, quotations from Ci Hua, the prefaces of some Ci anthologies, and other notes are used as supplementary resources for analysis. This article is composed of three parts, which follow the original order of Wang’s poems. The first part concerns Wang Meng-Juan’s commentary on Zhu Yi-Zun, Chen Wei-Song, and Gu Zhen-Guan, including the life and poetic style of these three Cipoets. The second part regards Wang Meng-Juan’s commentary on Cao Rong’s and Wang Shi-Zhen’s styles. The works of the two brothers Li Liang and Li Fu are also included in this part for comparison. The third part consists of Wang Meng-Juan’s commentary on Yen Sheng-Sun and Wu Yee’s work. In addition, Lou Yan’s talent in versification and the uniqueness of Wang Sen’s works are also discussed.







Keywords:Wang Meng-Juan, Hou Shi Zhai Poems Collection, Qing Dynasty Ci-poets, Jueju-style Critiques for Ci-poems

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APA FormatYang, D. (2013). The Analysis of Wang Meng-Juan's “Ten the Dynasty Ci-poems”. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Linguistics & Literature, 58(1), 65-82.doi:10.3966/207451922013035801003