Journal directory listing - Volume 59 (2014) - Journal of NTNU: Linguistics & Literature【59(1)】March (Special Issue: Confucian ethos: Etiquette & Vernacular life)

The Succession the Qing Poets and Variations in the Poetry Inscriptions of Wang Zhaojun: Reference the Writings of Song Poets Author: Kao-Ping Chang (Department of Chinese Literature, National Cheng Kung University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 59, No. 1
Date:March 2014


Since the stories of Wang Chaojun’s political alliance first appeared in Tang poetry, poets have frequently relied on the five fundamental modes to polish, create, swap, and adapt words. Poets are fond of writing about Wang; thus, we located 416 poems addressing Wang’s stories, and more than 400 works from the Qing dynasty. Inscription poetry was selected as the text to discussion the transformation and innovation of the image of Wang. Approximately 15 poems of Wang were written by the inscription poets of Wang from Sung and Jing. The Qing Dynasty boasts more than 43, including Cing Jhǒng Jhìh, edited by Hu Fengdan, and The Literature of Wang in All Dynasties, edited by Ke Yongxue. This paper centers on the story of Wang as inscribed by the people of Qing Dynasty. Contrasting the inscription poetry of the Sung and Qing Dynasties, the discussion focuses on inheritance and creation. The attributes of inscription poetry are examined to compare and discuss the reality and physical spirit of the image mold. The following factors are considered: the aesthetic consciousness of the dynasties figures of speech, association, and the finding of sustenance when intellectuals were underappreciated; the gain, loss, glory, and disgrace of the marriage alliance policy; the calamity and fortune of the beauties; the difference between the cultures of the Chinese and barbarians; the preferences in public or private areas; the theme of Pipa’s plaintiveness; the sadness and happiness of remote marriage; and the immortality of Cing Jhǒng. Thus, contributions are made to various aspects of poetry and cultural studies.

Keywords:Wang Chaojun, Succession and Variation, Sung Poetry, Qing Poets, Inscription Poetry

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APA FormatChang, K.-P. (2014). The Succession the Qing Poets and Variations in the Poetry Inscriptions of Wang Zhaojun: Reference the Writings of Song Poets. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Linguistics & Literature, 59(1), 123-158.