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Developmental and Language Features of the Odes of Wen-tzu Chan in the Song Dynasty Author: Jing-Jia Huang (Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 61, No. 1
Date:March 2016


Because Wen-tzu Chan was popular in the Song Dynasty, various literary forms were developed to explain the koan form and demonstrate the meanings of Zen koans. Among the developed forms, the ode is the only verse-based form. Odes are the foundation for Zen cultivation and realization, as well as for in-depth and unique interpretations of past koans. Odes typically use various types of imagery and metaphor to indirectly explain Zen doctrine and demonstrate the meanings of koans euphemistically, thus facilitating reinterpretation or changing the interpretation of the meanings of koans. A koan is structured as an unfinished and open dialogue. Future Zen masters created new meanings for koans through odes, a practice similar to engaging with Zen masters’ koan language system to participate in conversations and expand the capacity covered in the meanings of the koan in general. Therefore, this study investigated the developmental rules and language features of odes in the Song Dynasty to affi rm the high creativity and time value of odes that were extremely popular during that period.

Keywords:Koan, Wen-tzu Chan, Song Dynasty, Odes, Collection of Odes to Zen Ancient Lenzhu Koans

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APA FormatHuang, J.-J. (2016). Developmental and Language Features of the Odes of Wen-tzu Chan in the Song Dynasty. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Linguistics & Literature, 61(1), 55-70.