Journal directory listing - Volume 62 (2017) - Journal of NTNU【62(2)】September (Special Issue: Overseas Sinology)

A Study of Ansai School’s Shushigaku: Through Yamasaki Ansai’s Bunkaihituroku Author: Michiaki Fujii (Department of East Asian Studies, National Taiwan Normal University, Professor)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 62, No. 2
Date:September 2017

This article focuses on Yamazaki Ansai (山崎闇齋), his Bunkaihituroku (文會筆錄), and the Japanese Confucianism of Shushigaku (朱子學) during the Edo Period. Yamazaki Ansai worshiped Zhu Xi and believed his philosophy to be perfect. From this perspective, he explained Zhu Xi’s philosophy without creating his own. Therefore, in Ansai’s works of philology, he almost only marshaled data that related to Zhu Xi’s philosophy. The most famous result of this type of work is Bunkaihituroku. We can understand which Chinese classics were read by the scholars of Shushigaku during the Edo Period and understand the spread of Shushigaku in Japan through the study of Bunkaihituroku. I argue that Ansai collected the data on Zhu Xi and attempted to analyze it in order to construct a full database about Shushigaku. His study was based on this work of philology. Although Ansai is usually seen to pay attention to ethics more than philology and to dislike Ito Jinsai (伊藤仁齋) and Ogyu Sorai (荻生徂徠), we cannot ignore that Ansai’s Shushigaku is based on his work of philology.

Keywords:Ansai Yamazaki, Bunkaihituroku, philology, Zhu Xi’s assert, Shushigaku

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APA FormatFujii, M. (2017). A study of Ansai school’s Shushigaku: Through Yamasaki Ansai’s Bunkaihituroku. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University, 62(2), 1-30.
Chicago FormatFujii, ​Michiaki. “A study of Ansai school’s Shushigaku: Through Yamasaki Ansai’s Bunkaihituroku.” Journal of National Taiwan Normal University 62, no. 2 (2017): 1-30.