Journal directory listing - Volume 62 (2017) - Journal of NTNU【62(2)】September (Special Issue: Overseas Sinology)

The Tendency of Confucian Scholars of Joseon Dynasty’s to Understand Zhuang Tzu Thought Author: Min-Hwan Jo (Academy of East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea, Professor)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 62, No. 2
Date:September 2017

This paper considers the tendency of Confucianists in the Korean dynasty to comprehend Zhuang Tzu thought. Confucian scholars in the Korean Dynasty who rejected Laozhang thought were considered heretics, and Pu Shi-Tang (朴世堂) was no different. Pu Shi-Tang wrote Nan Hua Jing Zhu Jie Sha Nbu (《南華經註解刪補》) to examine differences between Zhuang Tzu and Confucian thoughts and pursued a more precise understanding of Zhuang Tzu thought through that effort. In particular, Pu Shi-Tang understood Zhuang Tzu’s cosmology through Confucian cosmology. Such a point often appears in the analyses of Zhuang Tzu Qiwulun’s theory. Pu Shi- Tang presented three points of view from the analysis of “Qiwulun.” The first is that the meaning of “Qiwulun” is “to make the idea of a variety of opinions (物論) into one (齊一).” The second admits that “true existence” (真宰) presides over underground things. Finally, he indicated that there are points where the cosmology theories of Confucians and Zhuang Tzu intersect.

Keywords:Pu Shi-Tang, Xixiji, Nan Hua Jing Zhu Jie Sha Nbu, Zhuangzibianjie , Han Yuan-Zhen

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APA FormatJo, M.-H. (2017). The tendency of Confucian scholars of Joseon Dynasty’s to understand Zhuang Tzu thought. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University, 62(2), 75-92.
Chicago FormatJo, ​Min-Hwan. “The Tendency of Confucian Scholars of Joseon Dynasty’s to Understand Zhuang Tzu Thought.” Journal of National Taiwan Normal University 62, no. 2 (2017): 75-92.