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Early Chuan-Chen Daoist Tea Author: Shen-Chon Lai (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Taipei University, Professor & Research Center for East-West Philosophy and Hermeneutics, National Taipei University, Director)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 63, No.1
Date:March 2018

This article exposits the history and conceptions of tea in early Chuan-Chen Daoism. The role of tea in early Chuan-Chen Daoism can be traced to Lu Tungpin (呂洞賓). The present article addresses the symbolism and practices of Daoist inner alchemy that are implied in the tea poems by Wang Chongyang (王重陽), Qiu Chu-ji (丘處機), and Ma Danyang (馬丹陽). Ji Zhizhen (姬志真) was one of the most critical masters of early Chuan-Chen Daoism. He wrote numerous works about Daoist tea that illuminate the intersection of Daoist alchemy and Zen meditation. This article describes Ji Zhizhen’s conception of Daoist tea and the relationship between Daoist tea and inner alchemy.

Keywords:Wang Chongyang, Chuan-Chen Daoism, Ji Zhizhen, Daoist tea

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APA FormatLai, S.-C. (2018). Early Chuan-Chen daoist tea. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University, 63(1), 1-20.
Chicago FormatLai, Shen-Chon. “Early Chuan-Chen Daoist Tea.” Journal of National Taiwan Normal University 63, no. 1 (2018): 1-20.