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Practical Talents and Articles: On the Realistic Concern of “Wen Jinshi” by Yuan Jie Author: Zhi-Qiang Liu(College of Humanities Shanghai Normal University Doctoral Candidate)

Vol.&No.:Vol.64 , No.2
Date:September 2019

Yuan Jie’s “Wen Jinshi” is not simply an examination topic but in fact contains rich content that reflects the author’s strong realistic concerns. By the time Yuan Jie was once again an official in Taozhou, he had accumulated extensive experience in politics, and his literary creativity had matured, which was the realistic basis for the creation of his work. Each question can be divided into three parts: observing social realities leading to problems, devising existing solutions to in-depth problems, and proposing new questions and asking candidates to provide countermeasures or reasons for answers to these questions. Finally, by targeting “jinshi” malpractice, he tried to change the “jinshi” in two manners: first, by opposing those who are frivolous and instead pursuing practical talents; second, by advocating writing practical articles over beautiful ones.

Keywords:Yuan Jie, Shi Wuce, “Wen Jinshi,” Realistic care, Daozhou

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APA FormatLiu, Z.-Q. (2019). Practical Talents and Articles: On the Realistic Concern of “Wen Jinshi” by Yuan Jie. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University, 64(2), 1-22. doi:10.6210/JNTNU.201909_64(2).0001