Journal directory listing - Volume 65 (2020) - Journal of NTNU【65(1)】March (Special Issue: Imagination and Culture Translation of Ghost)

Unseemly Ghost World: Contradiction in Traditional Literature—Reinterpretation of He Dian Author: Chien-Hua Pan(Department of Chinese Literature, National Tsing Hua University, Adjunct Lecturer)

Vol.&No.:Vol.65 , No.1
Date:March 2020

He Dian, is a "wu yu" novel (written in Wu Chinese, a dialect spoken in certain parts of China) written by Zhang Nanzhuang during the Qian Jia era. Composed in a witty and amusing manner, the author unmasks the blood and tears among humans and the corruption of officialdom in a world filled with ghosts. Zhang also wrote a series of ghost tales mocking the injustice in the world. In addition to the book's dialect and sense of irony, understanding the process forby which He Dian was accepted for publication and its "unseemly" style also enthralls the reader. The book was first published in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu (1878); the second edition, named "di shi yi cai zi gui hua lian pian lu," was published in the 20th year of said emperor's reign (1894), and the book became available in the market in the 21st year of his reign (1895). However, people showed very little interest in it at the time. Then, in 1926, the revised version published by Liu Bannong ical meaningcaptured the book's satirical style, and He Dian finally earned its place in the history of literature.This study re-identifies the positioning of He Dian as well as the historical changes in readers? acceptance of the book during each period to define the origin of the current research value of the book. By understanding the themes of these satirical ghost stories, identified the reader can recognize the contrast between He Dian and Chinese traditional tales of mystery and the supernatural. The "unseemly" ghost world that Zhang Nanzhuang illustrated, which triggered so many diverse and opposing voices in the process of acceptance by intellectual readers, is also explored.

Keywords:He Dian, Nan-Zhuang Zhang, ghost, late Qing Dynasty, exposure novel

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