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A Brief Discussion about the Diffusion and Significance of Biji in the NorthernSong Dynasty Author: Peng Hu(Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Zhejiang University, Doctoral Student)

Vol.&No.:Vol.65 , No.1
Date:March 2020


Biji (筆記), as a special literary genre, began to appear in large numbers in the Northern Song Dynasty. Because Biji was widely diffused throughout Song society, it had a particular cultural power. Biji was spread by three types of circulation: manuscripts, hand-copied books, and block-printed editions. From 960 to 1127, the mode of communication was dominated by traditional manuscripts and hand-copied books. Nevertheless, literate persons read and responded to Biji with impressive speed, covering an extensive scope of topics. The individual works represented by Yang Wen Gong Tan Yuan (楊文公談苑) served as a vital carrier for exchange and mutual learning between Chinese civilization and foreign civilizations. These works were incorporated into a tide of "book circulation" in East Asia. The flow of some popular Biji, such as Meng Xi Bi Tan (夢溪筆談), recorded details of the political system and celebrity anecdotes and also captured a precise projection of the political situation in the Northern Song Dynasty, especially competition between old and new parties in the field of literature. Biji is part of the discourse system of the Song people's construction of ancestral family law and "political tradition" narrative. Biji is an essential example of "political tradition" and an indispensable practical style in the context of Song Dynasty political activities.

Keywords:block-printed edition, political tradition, Biji, diffusion

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APA FormatPeng Hu (2020). A Brief Discussion about the Diffusion and Significance of Biji in the NorthernSong Dynasty. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University, 65(1), 73-92, doi:10.6210JNTNU.202003_65(1).0004
Chicago FormatPeng Hu. “A Brief Discussion about the Diffusion and Significance of Biji in the Northern Song Dynasty.” Journal of National Taiwan Normal University 65.1(2020): 73-92. doi:10.6210/JNTNU.202003_65(1).0004