Journal directory listing - Volume 67 (2022) - Journal of NTNU【67(2)】September (Special Issue: Exhibit Asia: Exploring National Image and Identity through Exhibition)

The Motivation and Connotations of Bookbinding and Book Adornment among the Ming and Qing Literati Author: Wen-de Huang (National Central Library, Taiwan, Center for Chinese Studies, Editor)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 67, No. 2
Date:September 2022

Prior to the Song dynasty, Chinese books were predominantly in the form of bound scrolls (juan), and by the time of the Ming dynasty, thread or stitched bindings (xian zhuang) were gradually being adopted. Within this historical shift, a number of other transitional forms emerged, such as whirlwind binding (xuanfeng zhuang) and butterfly binding (hudie zhuang). These new forms of published materials foreshadowed the collection and identification of books and other documents by the literati of the Ming and Qing dynasties and inspired the trend for later book collecting communities to alter the bindings or decorative elements of their materials. The Rare Books Collection at the National Central Library provides an opportunity for patrons to observe how notable book collectors drove the evolution of the binding, and other physical features, of rare texts. This article highlights the motivations driving such efforts and analyzes the underlying personal and/or cultural connotations behind them. Book collectors came up with different binding styles or transformed other physical features of rare texts for various reasons, such as extending the lifespan of materials, marking the origin of a text, applying new decorative elements that had become customary, restoring ancient bindings, and exhibiting the results of their textual research; they may also do so for sentimental reasons, a love for book production or binding for its own sake, or a dissatisfaction with older book forms.

Keywords:physical make-up of books, book design, book collecting, book collectors

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  1. 南唐‧李煜,〈題金樓子後〉,清‧彭定求等編,《(御定)全唐詩》,收入《景印文淵閣四庫全書》,臺北市:臺灣商務印書館,1983。
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  4. 唐‧杜牧,〈許七侍御棄官東歸瀟灑江南,頗聞自適,高秋企望題詩寄贈十韻〉,清‧彭定求等編,《(御定)全唐詩》,收入《景印文淵閣四庫全書》,臺北市:臺灣商務印書館,1983。
  5. 唐‧李林甫等,《大唐六典》,明正德乙亥蘇州刊本。
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APA FormatHuang, W. (2022). The Motivation and Connotations of Bookbinding and Book Adornment among the Ming and Qing Literati. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University, 67(2), 75-95.
Chicago FormatHuang, Wen-de. “The Motivation and Connotations of Bookbinding and Book Adornment among the Ming and Qing Literati.” Journal of National Taiwan Normal University 67, no. 2 (2022): 75-95.