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A Study of Leishu in Japan: Taipingyulan as a Research Reference Author: Yu-Jiuan Li (Department of Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan Normal University, Associate Professor)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 68, No. 1
Date:March 2023

Leishu (類書) played a crucial role in spreading knowledge during ancient times and greatly influenced the dissemination of Chinese literature and culture throughout East Asia. Leishu function as encyclopedias; their categorized literature and historical information provide reader-friendly references and access to numerous preserved ancient scripts. Frequently employed in Japan during the Cyusei period, Xiuwendianyulan (《修文殿御覽》), Yiwenleiju (《藝文類聚》), and Taipingyulan (《太平御覽》) had a considerable influence on Japanese literature. Taipingyulan, which was compiled during the Northern Song dynasty, is based on Xiuwendianyulan of the Northern Qi dynasty. Furthermore, Xiuwendianyulan is based on Hualinpianlue (《華林遍略》) of the Liang dynasty. Taipingyulan contains fractions of the long-lost Hualinpianlue and Xiuwendianyulan texts.
By comparing Ryounosyuuge (《令集解》), Seijiyouryaku (《政事要略》), and Dianyan (《典言》) with Taipingyulan, this study aimed to retrieve the previously undiscovered texts of Hualinpianlue and Xiuwendianyulan. A basic investigation revealed that Ryounosyuuge, Seijiyouryaku, and Dianyan are based on the encyclopedias of Hualinpianlue; however, no studies have investigated this text. Three quoted entries from Xiuwendianyulan and Seijiyouryaku reveal patterns and notes similar to those found in Hualinpianlue and Xiuwendianyulan; however, explicit quotes from these two long-lost texts are unavailable. By compiling quotes from the closely related Taipingyulan, this study leads an investigation into its influence on the lost works of Hualinpianlue and Xiuwendianyulan.

Keywords:Taipingyulan, Ryounosyuuge, Dianyan, Seijiyouryaku, leishu

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APA FormatLi, Y.-J. (2023). A study of leishu in Japan: Taipingyulan as a research reference. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University, 68(1), 23-43.
Chicago FormatLi, Yu-Jiuan. “A Study of Leishu in Japan: Taipingyulan as a Research Reference.” Journal of National Taiwan Normal University 68, no. 1 (2023): 23-43.