Journal directory listing - Volume 1-10 (1956-1965) - Volume 8 (1963)

Ecological and Phytogeographical Studies of Cibotium Barometz (L.) J. SM. in Taiwan (Formosa) Author: Chin-Hwa Hu


1. Cibotium Baromela (L.) J. Sm. is a medicinal plant which haa a long history in China.
2. There are two species and one vareity species of Cibstium in Taiwan( Formosa), Cibotium Berometz is the important one. These species are C. Baramstz C. Bcrametz var. Cumingii and C. assamicum. C. Baromals varr Gumingii which has only one pair of sori on each frond differs from C. Barometz which has 2 to 12 pair of Sori.
3. Cibolium Barometz is widely distributed in Taiwan. It is found from north to south and from 100 M. to 1,000 M. in altitude.
4. According to phytogeographical distribution, Cibotium may divide into two geo-graphic types in world, they are Asia type and Hawaii type. Cibotium Barometz of Taiwan is Asian type.
5. Cibotium and other forms usually compose a plant community. It was found one species of Cibotium Barometz. to compose a plant community in Licn-hwa-chih of central Taiwan.
6. The writer found that Cibotium Barometz and Woodwar dia radicans usually grow together and these two plant of ferns are very alike in form.
7. The writer points out the habitat of Cibotium Baromets In Taiwan and an-alyses the causes of wide distribution of this fern.

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