Journal directory listing - Volume 11-20 (1966-1975) - Volume 11 (1966)

Meteorological Investigation and Observations Made on Trips in Northwestern China Author: Yen Huai Liu


The author was a member of the Sino-Swedish Northwestern China Expedition which was also known as Sven Hedin Expedition un the years 1927-1930, and worked as meteorogical observer. Many meteorological stations were erected by the members of this Expedition in the vest region of the Great Gobi desert and Sinkiang province. The complete meteorological record was brought to Germany by Dr. Waldemar Haude, chief meteorologist of the Expedition for study and publishment. Some reports were published in the later years, but the great part of the observational data was destroyed by the Second World War. Systematical data of meteorological observation kept by of the author duting his travel with the Expedition are many useful meteorological notes which will be given here. There notes were made the folloeing trips
1. From Paotoo to Shandemiao

2. Hami to Tohochi

3. Tihwa and Bogdo-ula

4. Kucha to Karagul in Tienshan

5. Kucha to Trim River

6. Kucha to Kol in Tienshan

7. Kucha to Tihwa.
The meteorological observational data given in this article are mainly air temperature and pressure, and some wetbulb thermometer readings are also included. The approximate altitude of each station where barometer reading was made, is also computed and given in the table of this article.





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