Journal directory listing - Volume 11-20 (1966-1975) - Volume 14 (1969)

Amino Acids in Urine Formation Author: Kuo-Min Wu


Amino acids are components of protein, but whether or not amino acids helps the formation of urins has not been investigated in the past.
From September 1967 to June 1968, the author fed white rats with 0.5% citrulline (which is an extract from watermelon) in order to study its effect in urine formation. The record showed that the amount of urine increased about 20%-30% the day after the reagent was introduced. The amount kept increasing during the period the reagent was taken by the rats. When the reagent ceased to be given, a decrease in the amount of urine was noted, and the amount of urine gradually recovered to its amount of normal level. Therefore, there is a rapid increase or decrease in the amount of urine formed as a result of the reagent. All the results of urine formation in each experiment was measured directly from experimental group and compared to a control group. If we changed the experimental group (of white rats) for the control group (of white rats), the former will show a decrease in urine production, while the latter will show an increase in urine production. So we can conclude that citrulline is a reagent which helps the formatian of urine. Whether or not citrulline can serve as a medicine is still a question.

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