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A Reserch of Instructional Conditions of Senior High School: Comments on the Influence of Colleges’ Joint Entrance Examination on Senior High School Education Author: Ching-Ji Wu


Senior high schools have two important jobs, one is to make students have healthy development in mind and body, the other is to prepare them for farther studying in colleges. In the whole school system it has special educational function worthy to be studied.
There are four main purposes of this research:
1.To search for the differences between perceptions of learning value and reactions of learning attitudes towards all subjects of senior high schools for college students.
2.To understand the differences of college students' perceptions between instructional conditions and educational functions in senior high schools.
3.To analyse the differences of the influences of Colleges' Joint Entrance Examination on teachers instruction and students learning in senior high schools.
4.To find conclusions and suggestions for improving present senior high school education and Colleges' Joint Entrance Examination.
The method of this research is a survey approach. The tool of this research is "The Questionnaire of Instructional Conditions in Senior High School", formulated by myself. The samples of this survey consist of 2,158 college students, most of them are freshmen and sophomores in National Central University, National Ching-Hwa University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Communication University.
The main findings of this research are:
1.There are some significant differences between perception of learning value and reac-tions of learning attitudes towards all subjects of senior high schools for different background college students.
2.There are some significant differences of the perception of instruction in senior high schools for different background college students.
3.Students have positive cognition of learning value of some subjects that should be examined in Colleges' Joint Entrance Examination, and also have diligent learning attitude. But they perceive no learning value in and adopt an opposite attitude towards subjects not to be examined in the entrance examination.
From these conclusions, we can get some suggestions for improving senior high school education:
1.To balance the instructional strategies of interesting orientation and utilitarian orienta-tion in senior high school education.
2.To strengthen the instructional validity of some subjects in senior high schools such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Doctrine, Civic Education, Military Education, etc.
3.To ask for successful general education in senior high schools.
4.To emphasize the function of providing preparation for farther studying in colleges and to have healthy development in mind and body for all senior high school students:
5.To supervise that all senior high schools have normalized instruction.

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