Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 31 (1986)

The Research and Application of Automatic Control Technology in the Electrical System of Vehicle Author: Jiann-Yun Tai


The purpose of this research is to study and develop an economic and innovative automatic control device concerning Car Light Control, Wiper Motor Control with pro-tection, Washer Control and Battery Condition Indicators by means of electronic control technology. This automatic control device performs functions as follows:
˙Provide the automatic car light ON/OFF control.
˙Provide the automatic head light HI/LO beam control.
˙Provide the automatic head light ON/OFF control on stopping during night.
˙Provide the automatic ON/OFF control of tail lamp during parking under dark road.
˙Provide automatic delay "OFF" control of car light after night parking.
˙Provide automatic flash of tail lamp to warn the back approaching car during night driving.
˙Provide the intermittent timing control for wiper.
˙Provide the protection function fpr wiper motor. In case of failure, this system will turn off the wiper power and sound off.
˙Provide both the wiper and washer turned on intermittently after pressing washer button switch.
˙Battery condition indicators for which the car key is ON, there will be:
1) RED lamp ON -- Warning that battery is in bad condition.
2) YELLOW lamp ON - When battery is in normal condition.
3) GREEN lamp ON - When battery is in good condition.
Therefore, this control system will offer the driver a comfortable driving with swift-ness, safety, convenience and economy!

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