Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 31 (1986)

A Study on Improvement of Chemistry Experiments in the Oxidation-Reduction Concept Concerning Its Depth Author: Yong-Hwa Yang, Cheng-Hsia Wang


A study on improvement of experimental activities in the chemistry curricula of primary school through senior high school has been made. The correlation and the sui-tability of each experiment were evaluated by the following cirteria: (a) Relevance of data produced to the concept for the particular learning level, (b) Correlation of experiments for the same concept at different learning levels, (c) The level of cognitive development of the students, (d) Previously acquired learning of the students, and (e) Safety, simplicity, and economy (both of money and of class time).
The key experimental activities of the acid-base-concept on the major curricula (R.O.C., Japan, U.S.A., England) were reviewed.

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