Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 32 (1987)

A Study of the Relationship between Democracy and Education in the United States of America Author: Chung-lin Hsu


Generally speaking, democracy has already become a common model of political development in most countries both in the Wast and in the East. This paper is a study trying to find out what the relationship between democracy and education should be from an educational point of view. Particularly the impact of the belief of democracy on educational theories is mentned here. Next the concept of democracy in Western literature is discussed from the basis of historical facts. Then the meanings of democracy are presented based on various assumptions which several distinguished educators have firmly believed. Besides, the theory postulated by some educators such as John-Dewey (1859 -1952) that education is an adequate means to achieve the ideal way of life in a democratic society is introduced. Therefore, a close relationship between democracy and education can be established. In the last part of this study there is a brief conclusion dealing with the author's opinions about all this.

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