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A Ten-Years Follow-up Study on the Gymnasts Score and the Objectivity & Consistency of the Score Marks Judged by Referess on the Performances of Gymnasts in Taiwan Region's Games of the Republic of China Author: Lin Ching-Ho


The purpose of this study is to track down the difference in score marks on the performances in the games of the national gymnasts before arid after the given decade to make comparisons on their scorq marks with the Olympic Game and the World Cup Game. Then the writer explored the deviation on the objectivity and consistency of the score marks judged and given by the referees before and after the given decade. The result of the study shall be provided to the referess and coabhes for their reference.
The study is based upon the original data regarding the Second Taiwan Region Games for Gymnastic Contests in 1975 conducted in Taipei, the Republic of China (47 Male gymnasts and 59 female gymnasts), and the Twelfth Taiwan Region Game for. Gymnastic Contests in 1985 held in Chang Hwa, the Repub-lic of China (53 Male gymnasts and 40 female gymnasts). Besides, the writer used the other three kinds of data comprising of the Qualification Contest for selected contes-tants to join 1976 Montereal Opympic Gymnastic Games for Men, the score marks list on the individuals item in all-round gymnasts contests for the selected contestants to join 1976 Montereal Games of Gymnastics for men and women, and the score marks list of the individuals on all-round events in 1985 Montereal World Cup Gymnastics Tournament for individual men and women. The above five kinds of data served as the objects and scope for my study.
After the data were obtained, I used t-test for two independent samples, Perasons Product-Moment Correlation and the Formula of difference Between Uncorrelation r's for check and comparison. Then after my analysis and discussion of the contents with the relevant people, I obtained the
1.follwing conclusion. After the given decade, the score marks of gymanistic, performances by male and female gymnasts were better than those of ten years ago. Particularly the two events for men showed significant progress, i.e. pommel horse and rings. There was significant difference between two distinct times (P < 0.01). And there was also very significant variation (P < 0.01) for women's four events.
2.Ten years ago, men's weakest events in the nation were horse and rings. The weakest item foe women gymnasts in the nation was vaulting. But ten years later, the vaulting event for women has been the best event for women in the nation among four events for women gymnasts.
3.After the given decade, the champion's score marks for all round events of men and women in the single final matches in the nation in comparison with the all round total score marks for champions of men and women in the World Cup & Olympic Games were less than the the difference of nations championships' score marks in compariori with the corresponding score marks for men and women in the World Cup of Olympic Games ten years ago.
4.Ten years later, the first six winners' score marks in the individual's all round and single final matches were better than those of ten years ago. Besides, the difference between the total score marks and average marks in total for the first six gymnasts winners was less than the correspond-ing numbers of score marks for men and women gymnasts ten years ago. That meant that ten years ago, the gymnastic teams of the Republic of China for men and women were not unifoem in skill and their extents were quite divergent.
5.Ten years later, there was much more objectivity and consistency in the judgement of referees for men and women gymnasts' performances and the score marks given by the referees were more objectivity and consistent than those of ten years ago. Hence their judgement in giving score marks es the gymnasts was more consistent than those of foregin referees on the same events.
6.Ten years, later, the judgement viewpoint for giving score marks to the gymnasts in the contests in the nation by referees on men was more consistent than that of referees on the women's gymnastic contests.

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