Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 32 (1987)

Democracy and Moral Education Author: Kai-Fuu Wang


In this article, we discuss John Dewey's thoughts on "Democracy and Education", and then analyze some concepts, such as "Democracy", "Morality", "Education" and "'Autonomy". We assert .that there is connection between moral education and democracy. As a means, democracy is essential to the fulfilment of morality; as an end, it itself is a moral ideal. The application of the idea of democracy is beneficial to the development of moral education; and moral education, which aims at developing moral autonomy, is contributory to the actualization of democracy, We also discuss the concepts of "Democracy on Campus" and "Campus' Ethics", which, as we think, are compatible, not incompatible with each other, and both of them are helptul to the realization of moral education and democratic ideals.

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