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A Research on the Problem in Physical Education History Author: C.C. Fan


Nowadays, the researchers and the scholars of the Physical Education commonly assume some suspecitions of the confidence and efficiency of the history of the Physical Education. Even though,some of the researchers consider it is a waste of time and human effort to eng-age in historical research of physical education.
For this purpose, I decide to do the analysis of the problems in the researches of the history of physi-cal education. I attempt to make the response to the researchers and the scholars in the field of the physical education in order to emphasize these problems for furtherly gaining the common decisions and ideas for the research problems. In this case, I choose this important topic to write this paper.The main ideas and points are following.
3.The Problems of the History.
4.The Problems of the History of Pysical Education.
5.The problems of the Chinese History of the Physical Education.

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