Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 33 (1988)

The Changes of Learning Hierarchies in Students' Investigation Designing Skill Author: Rong-Fu Hsu


In this study, the author tries to investigate the changes of the students' learning hierarchies from grade six through ten in investigation designing skill. Items of LHTSP (Learning Hierarchy Test of Science Process Skills) were revised and validated based on the criteria of investigation designing skill. They included both the essay and choice formats. The reliabilijunior and senior high school; 0.65 and 0.56 for the elementary school.
The Kendall Coefficient of Concordance W is 0.97 for the essay forms by scored in composing of three science teachers. It showed that they were consistent in scoring.
The subjects were selected from the city and county of Taipei. The distribution of subjects were 800 pupils for the elementary school, 515 pupils for the junior high school, and 298 pupils for the senior high school.
The findings are that the average levels of learning hierachies in investigation designing skill from the sixth through tenth grade were 2.13, 2.70, 2.85, 3.13, 2.94 for the choice forms, in addition, there are significant difference between grades.
Associating the results of the analysis of the structure in the elementary and secondary science texts with the findings of this study, the author proposes some explanations of the changes of the investigation designing skills, and recommands some suggestions for further research.

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