Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 33 (1988)

The Avifauna on Cat-islet, the Pescadores Author: Ying Wang, Tsui-Lan Chen


Cat-islet (13.75ha, 70.1m in elevation), situated in the southwest corner of the Pescadores, is a large
traditional breeding ground for terns. In response to the decreasing bird population in recent years, a study (Aug. 1986 - Jan. 1988) was entrusted by the Council of Agriculture to learn current status and basic information of the bird population on the islet and neighboring areas for future management planning.
Twenty-seven species from 17 families were recorded, Among them, seven species, i.e. Egretta sacra sacra, Anous stolidus pileatus, Sterna anaethetus anaethetus, S. bergii, S. dougallii bangsi, S. sumatrana, and Alceda gulgula wattorsi were found to breed there. The population peak was between Apr. and Sept. During this period, 7,000-20,000 terns, mainly A. stolidus pileatus and S. anaethetus anaethetus (90%) were seen. However, on other adjacent islands, the bird populations were less than one-tenth the population on Cat-islet.
Though decreasing, the number of birds in the Cat-islet is still abundant. Reasons for these are probably the combined effects from lesser human interference (eg. remoteness and steepness of the islet), abundant food resources in the nearby sea, and suitable habitat for breeding birds.

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