Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 34 (1989)

Geographical Background of the Development of Hainan and a Comparison with Taiwan Area Author: Chiu-yun Wong(Department of Geography)


This paper attempts to highlight the relationship between resource base and economic development of Hainan Island with a quantitative approach. Comparisons are made with Taiwan Area at appropriate circumstances. The data collected shows that Hainan is endowed with natural resources, large in quantity and good in quality. The condition for further development and utilization is favorable. Yet, from another viewpoint, the socio-economic environment in our study area still falls behind at a much more backward stage as compared with Taiwan. Statistics reveals that her industrial production in 1984 was only 1/10 of Taiwan, total freight handled by, all ports 1/30 and fixed assets investment even as low as 1/100. Infrastructure in Hainan is also limited. Even compared with other parts of South China, this newly establish-ed province is also slower in pace of development. The reason lies in the fact that she is quite isolated in location and historically, she has been viewed as a frontier land. However, with her upgrading to the status of a province and given the power and free hand to develop like the Special Economic Zones, the future of the island is optimistic if there is adequate reform of institutions and policy in Mainland China. In addition, the successful experience of Taiwan may provide a typical example for her reference. In this connection, the study also proposes at both the macro- and micro-level recommendations for her future development.

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