Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 34 (1989)

An Analysis of the Assessment of Science Laboratory Skills: The Performance in Parallel Format Instruments of Data Processing and Concluding Skills Author: Rong-Fu Hsu


The different instruments in parallel format were constructed in assessing the students performance in laboratory skills in this study. The parallel tests meet the requirements of high correlation and with no difference.
The standardized TIPS(II) was chosen as external criterion. Also, we revised "the Learning Hierarchy Test in Science Process Skill" (Cronbach's a is 0.62 and 0.68 for choice and essay forms respectively). Furthermore, we developed the corresponding practical tests: open-ended and guided format.
The subjects were sampled from junior high school students in Taipei. At first, 2,705 pupils were selected by using stratified sampling. According to the students' performance on TIPS(II) (α=0.84), we divided the subjects into three groups: upper, middle, and lower group. Finally, we got 129 pupils for each group: open-ended, guided and controlled. Each group took the essay format test, practical test, and choice format test. The performances of these three groups on TIPS(II) with average were 27.28, 26.84, 26.89 respectively.
We defined the predicted differences, and the differences and correlations of these tests with the external criterion (TIPW(II)). We found the most consistent in the essay and open-ended practical test among the four different formats in data processing skill. However, we found more consistent in the essay format than in the others in the concluding investigation skill. The findings were consistent with SLSI (Science Laboratory Structure Inventory) of the current science laboratory test. The recommendations for assessing the science laboratory skills were then suggested.

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