Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 35 (1990)

A Study of Freedom and Education Author: Chung-lin Hsu


The desire to be free is deep-rooted in human nature. However, the idea of freedom, as some scholars have pointed out, is a produst of humam endeavor. It is profoundly related to the development of human society and its culture. Historically, freedom is a very ambiguous concept that needs to be clarified as the development of human society moves on. This study attempts to examine the problems of freedom and its relation to education. Several topics are discussed carefully, such as the needs of freedom, the meanings of freedom, the problems of free will and the kinds of freedom shared by people in most developed countries. Then, from the educational points of view, the topics of man's abilities and freedom, making choice and freedom, responsibility and freedom, regulations and freedom and the humanistic nature of freedom are considered separately. Finally, it is the writer's belief that to clarify the concept of freedom will be helpful while people using it.

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