Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 35 (1990)

Cmle Method for Detecting Latent Structure Analysis of Integrated Process Skills Author: Rong-Fu Hsu(Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University)


The item and ability parameters of Test of Integrated Process Skills (II) (TIPS(II)) was an-alyzed by using the CMLE based on the modern test theory in contrast to the classical test theory. In addition to revising the digital accuracy in CMLE package, the item characteristic curve (ICC) also developed in systematic structure for different kinds of variables.
Four important conclusions were drawn. First, the CMLE method is the most suitable pro-cedure for parameter estimation in 1-parameter model. Second, the test construction of TIPS (II) guided by classical test theory will not be valid for obtaining reliable measures. Third, the systemmatic ICC presenting method presented the perfect item and ability latent traits for the results in CMLE findings. Fourth, the complicated analysis of reliability coefficient and likeli-hood parameters met the precise and accurate measures of latent traits in either integrated process skills or hypothesizing skills. Also, the more intensive and applicable study in modern test theory, item response theory, latent trait theory and parameter estimation are meeded in ability test and it is recommended for further research.

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