Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 35 (1990)

Synthesis of Germanium Tetramethyl Porphyrins Author: Hung-Cheh Chiang(Institute of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University)


Some porphyoins, metaloporphyrins and orgnogermanium compounds have antitumor ef-fects. In this study five new germanium tetramethyl porphyrins (2-6) were synthesized.
Tetramethyl porphyrin (1) is prepared from pyrrole and acetaldehyde. 1 is reacted with germanium tetrachloride give dichlorogermanium tetramethyl porphyrin (1). Hydrolysis of 2 with alumina give dihydroxy germanium tetramethyl porphrin(3). Reaction of 2 with ethylmag-nesium bromide give diethylgermanium tetramethyl prophyrin(4); reaction with phenylgerma-nium bromide give diphenylgermanium tetramethyl porphyrin(5). Treatment of 3 with 4-nitrophenol give di-(4-nitrophenoxy) germanium tetramethyl porphyrin (6).

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