Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 35 (1990)

The Painting Tradition in Taiwan Before Restoration Author: Liang Shiow-Chung, Chen Ching-Hua


The artists' ideas and forms of recreation are both profoundly influenced by factors such as society, economic systems, life style, Weltanschauung and esthetic notions. The unique art style of a certain period of time is thus formed.
Between 1661 and 1894, the art in Taiwan, like that in China at large, was dominated by the traditional style of the literati, especially in painting and calligraphy. The subjects of paint-ing were flowers and birds and the Four Gentlemen in traditional style.
Until 1895 to 1945, the original painting trend was changed because of the political situa-ponjin the country. With the introduction of Japanese paining, the influence of western tech-niques was brought forward. To sum up, the rebirth of a local art tradition demonstrated a strong link between modern style and traditional art familiar to the public. The Taiwanese artists managed to depict a whole range of new subject matters reflecting a bright new image of the island. They took scenes from daily life and presented a feeling of nostalgia.

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