Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 36 (1991)

New Research on the Stylistics of the Literary Mind and Carving of Dragons by Liu Hsieh Author: Keng-Sheng Wang(Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University)


The stylistics of Liu Hsieh is discussed greatly by the scholars who research into The Lit-erary Mind and Carving of Dragons . The reason why I name this article "New Research" is because its contents are different from general ideas.
First, I grasp the main idea of Liu Hsieh's stylistics and find the theoretical base for the elements and types which he used to explain the formation of style.
Second, I do not think literary style exists alone; it is always closely related with an era and its writers. So, from the point of stylistics according to Liu Hsieh, I go further into the turth of literary style in an era and of writers.
I hope my personal opinions consisting of the two respectives above can enhance readers' understanding on the stylistics of The Literary Mind and Carving of Dragons by Liu Hsieh.

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