Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 36 (1991)

The Historical Review of the Changes in Taoism Author: Chuang Wan-Shou(Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University)


Lao-Tze and Chuang-Tze were representative figures of Taoism in Pre-Chin period. The origin of Taoism could be derived from the historical officials in Western Chou Dynasty. The paper allocates the changes of Taoism from Western Chou Dynasty to Wei-Jin period to six segments:
1.The formation period: the primodial Taoism of Western Chou Dynasty's hisorical offi-cials.
2.The maturity period: the Lao-Tze thoughts in Spring-Autumn periods.
3.The full development period: the period of warring states can be divided as:
A.the Chuang-Tze scholar type
B.the Huang-Lao scholar type
C.the Yang-Chu scholar type
4.The Huang-Lao period: the Huang-Lao thoughts in the beginning time of Han Dynasty.
5.The scientific period: the scientific ideas from Wang-Chung and Chang-Hen.
6.The Changing period: the Taoism in Wei-Jan periods.

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