Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 36 (1991)

Construction and Validation of Instrument to Assess Chemistry Manipulative Technique - Sublimation Author: Cheng-Hsia Wang, Jhy-Ming Horng(Graduate Institute of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University)


This article describes a process to construct and validate criterion-referenced mastery mea-surement (CRMM) for sublimation technique. The results of this work are as follows: 1. Con-cept analysis was used in the analysis of sublimation to construct a better evaluation tool which gave accurate grades and searched out what mistakes the learner made so that the mistakes could be corrected by remedial instruction. 2. Content analysis and evaluation analysis were used to establish criteria which led to construction of an evaluation tool to assess the learning levels attained. 3. Reliability and validity of the tool are satisfactory for assessing whether the students can perform sublimation of ordinary cases in introductory organic chemistry laboratory course. 4. The designed process containing S-P chart analysis, a non-parametric method, is satis-factory in validating the assessment tool for classroom CRMM, as applied to sublimation.

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