Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 37 (1992)

Computing Structural Constraints From a Set of 3D Geometrical Entities Author: Sei-Wang Chen(Department of Information and Computer Education, National Taiwan Normal University)


Mathematical formulations and procedures for computing structural constraints between 3D geometrical entities are presented. Geometrical entities concerned in this paper include point, line segment, and polygon, which are easy and reliable to be detected from sensory data and are preferable to be selected as features for ob-ject recognition. Structural constraints describing relationships among geometrical en-tities provide shape information of objects by which objects can be discriminated.
Two kinds of structural constraints are considered: distance constraints and an-gle constraints. Each kind of constraints is further classified, in terms of the combi-nation of entity types, into finer groups. There are six groups of distance constraint and three groups of angle constraint. Their mathematical formulations are collected and experienced. Areas of application and extension are outlined as well.

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