Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 37 (1992)

Survey on the Problem of Contemporary Loan Word in the Languages Spoken in Taiwan Author: Rong-Song Yao(Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University)


In the paper the auther tries to give a complete picture of the modern Chinese Wai-lai-yu (alien word or loan word) adopted in the languages spoken in Taiwan. The main parts of the present study contains four sub-titles, namely:
1.A brief history of the study of Chinese loan word.
2.The residuum of Japanese word in the Southern-min, Hakka and Aus-tronesian languages spoken in the island.
3.The new alien word in Mandarin Chinese refected by the "Guo-yu-r-bao wai lai yu tsz dian" ( 國語日報外來語辭典 ) and the Collection of technical terms by Guo-li-bian-yi Guan ( 國立編譯館 )。
4.The problem of the standardization of the new word from both sides of Taiwan straits.
In conclusion the author points out transliteration is more popular and the combination of transiteration and paraphrase is in fashion in Taiwan. It is sug-gested that authorities concerned and the linguists of both sides sit togather to discuss how to eliminate languages disagreements.

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