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The Relationship between the Meteorological Factors and the CO Conentration at Kung Kuang District, Taipei Author: Jen-Hong Lin(National Taiwan Normal University)


The World Health Organization had decided against the carbon monoxide (CO) in which is the ringleader of the air pollution since November 1991 and such con-centration is threaten to human life. CO concentration is only about 0.01 to 0.02 ppm in fresh air and over 0.5 ppm in the polluted air, but when ever being over 0. 08 ppm in concentration is hazardous to human health.
However, the weather factors, such as wind, temperature, are the main reason that affect air pollution. Thus, this study uses the real data of CO concentration from 23rd to 26th of August. 1991 and also utilized the meteorological data of the Central Weather Bureau as well as data obtained from the Department of Earth Science, N.T.N.U., to explore the possible reasons why the weather factors affect the accumulation and dissipation of air pollutants.

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