Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 38 (1993)

The Study of Students' Mental Models of Scientific Knowledge and Latent Trait of Scientific Attitudes by Rasch Model Author: Rong-Fu Shu(Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University)


The author keeps studying scientific knowledge, scientific method, and scientific attitudes based on the philosophy of science, cognitive psychology, and modern test theory. In the last decade, the author successfully integrated the above three important fields so that the investigation of scientific process skill was enhanced. Nevertheless, he is more actively engaged in the research of the interpretive mechanism of students' cognition about scientific knowledge and the cognitive mechanism of scientific attitudes. The purpose of this research is mainly to investigate students' mental models of scientific knowledge and latent trait of scientific attitudes. Both the partial credit and the rating sacle models in the family of Rasch model were applied to the measurement and diagnoses. However, the measurement and diagonoses of the mental models of scientific knowledge and the latent trait of scientific attitudes were made precisely.

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