Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 39 (1994)

A Design of Instructional Material for Conceptual Learning of Chemistry Experimental Technique-Distillation Technique Author: Jhy-Ming Horng, Cheng-Hsia Wang(Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University)


his study designed a set of instructional materals for conceptual learn-ing of distillation technique at university level. Instructional materials and instruction strategies were developed and organized to guide students to-ward developing ability of simultaneously using the technique, intellectual inquiry skills, and subject matter knowledge to solve chemistry problems new to them, i.e., achieving conceptual learning. The instructional materials and assessment instrucments were developed on the basis of specific instruc-tional and assessment criteria that arose from content analysis and instruction/evaluation analysis. The efficiency of the Materials, instruction strate-gies and the validity of the assessment instrument were observed in (1) the facts that above 82% of the students passed at the criteria for conceptual learning of distillation; (2) progress of learning indicated by increments in the average passing rates from pre-test to post-test; and (3) strong positive correlations of the actual results of experimental technique performances with test results on (a) experimental skills, (b) the science-process skills, and (c) the subject-matter knowledge.

Keywords:chemistry experimental technique, conceptual learning, distil-lation, criterion-referenced measurement, CLD

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