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Effects of Process-Oriented Writing Teaching Program on Elementary School Children's Quality of Writing and Writing Process Author: Sheng-Yu Kuo, Feng-Ru Chen(Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, National Taiwan Normal University )


The purposes of this reasearch are to investigate (l)the main effects of the " Process-Oriented Writing Teaching Program (POWTP)" on the quality and process of writing, (2)the effects of POWTP on the children of different language abilities, and (3)the pro-gressive effects of the teaching contents and teaching strategies of the POWTP. The feasibility of the program for elementary students' writing instruction is also explored.
This study adopts the two-factor experimental design. The subjects are 80 fourth grade students, random selected from an elementary school in Taipei County. Then they are randomly assigned to the experimental group and the control group. The experi-mental group receive twelve weeks POWTP and the control group did not receive the special training program.
Three instruments are used in this study. They are Writing Scaling, Expository Writ-ing Scaling, and Writing Process Interview Scaling.
The obtained data are analyzed by two-way ANOVA to test the writing performance progress and tansfer effects of the program, and by two-way mixed design ANOVA to test the gradual effect of the program. The findings are as follows:
1. The POWTP has positive and optimistical effect. Through POWPT, two writing vari-ables, the quality and process of writing, have got significant difference, but shows no significant transferring effects on the improvement of expository writing.
2. There is no interaction between "group" and "ability" on all dependent variables. In terms of the teaching effect of POWTP on the children of different language abilities, the experimental group is better than control group.
3. There is interaction between "group" and "assessment stage" on the quality of writing. In the experimental group, the quality of writing would increase gradually with the exposure of POWTP.
The results are discussed and there are some suggestions about the program and suggestions for the future research.

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