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Some Tips on Reading and Writing:A Reference for Chinese Learners of English Author: Liang-Kee Wang(Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University)


Reading and Writing are two sides of one body; they are closely related to each other. Reading is a sort of "input", while writing is a kind of "output". How to inte-grate these two interrelated elements into one solid work depends highly on daily prac-tice.
In the course of teaching Engligh as a foreign language in the past several decades, the author discovered that many Chinese students of English overlooked the close in-teractions between reading and writing, thus the author is motivated by the said fact to write this paper.
This paper is divided into four parts. The first part is introduction which describes briefly how to learn English through the four Channels-Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Meanwhile it also illustrates the differences in sound system and syntax between Engligh and Chinese.
The second part deals with how to cultiuate reading skills as well as good reading habit. The third part covers the important items needed for good writing, such as how to collect materials, accumulate experiences from excellent work to reflect in one's own work. The fourth part is conclusion which wraps up the important principles or sugges-tions to encourage the students of English to work as hard as they can by putting those tips or principles as mentioned in this paper into practice and integrating these interre-lated elements-reading and writing-into one resourse in order to get somewhere in the field of learning English as a foreign language.

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