Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 40 (1995)

Effects of Sintering Aids and Sintering Temperature on Large Signal Response of (Sr0.2Ba0.8)TiO3 Ceramics Author: Hsiu-Fung Cheng, Chu-Nan Chang(Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University)


The electrical response of (Sr0.2Ba0.8)TiO3 : Sb3+ ceramic materials to high electric field is examined by Sawyer-Tower technique. It is concluded, from the observed ferro-electric hysteresis D-E characteristics of insulating samples and I-V characteristics of PTCR samples, that the mechanism of high resistivity of the materials is resulting from insulating grains rather than the resistive Schottky barrier at grain boundaries. The satu-rated electric polarization (Ps) of these materials decreases with the amount of A12O3 -SiO2-TiO2 sintering aids, which is ascribed to the dissolution of Ba2+ions into the sec-ond phase segregations, Ba6Ti17O40, such that the Sr2+/Ba2+ ratio in the grains in-creases.

Keywords:PTCR, (Sr,Ba)TiO3,Semiconducting ceramics,Ferroelectric hysteresis

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