Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 40 (1995)

Material Properties of Slag-Filled Polypropylene Author: G. H. Wang, K. C. Hsu(Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University)


As an effort to promote the added value of slag, which is an industrial waste from the ironmaking process, a feasibility study for using slag as a filler in polypropylene was conducted. Experimental results revealed that addition of slag could improve the flexu-ral strength, impact strength, tensile modulus and flexural modulus of polypropylene. The reinforcing effect is between that of talc and that of calcium carbonate. Material with slag particles of around 10 m exhibits better mechanical properties. The proper amount of slag added in polypropylene is about 30 ~ 40wt%. Furthermore, the interfa-cial adhesion between slag and polymer matrix was found poor from the observation of a scanning electron microscope. The situation could be improved by treating slag with coupling agents such as LZ44. After treatment with LZ44, the resulting material shows higher impact strength than the untreated.

Keywords:Slag, polypropylene, filler, Material properties

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