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The Teacher's Handbook of "Citizenship and Morality" in Junior High School: A Study of Compilation and Content Author: Tsao-Feng Lin(Department of Eduction, National Taiwan Normal University)


Currently, the teacher's handbook of "Citizenship and Morality" consists of two parts: "Teaching Abstract" and the content itself. The compilation and design for this handbook are still in evaluation. It is expected to be a helpful and useful tool for teachers of this subject. In addition, the modification of high schooling standard may be accomplished soon; therefore, it is hiqhtime to specify the commpiling process of teach-er's handbook in expectation to provide the compiling committee a reference to the compilation of a feasible teacher's handbook.
Based on the above motives, the purposes of this study were as follows:
A.Analyzing on the objectives and function of the teacher's handbook concerning Citi-zenship and Morality.
B.Studying the compiling process of teacher's handbook involved in other countries.
C.Surveying high school teachers' opinions and requirements towards the current teacher's handbook of "Citizenship and Morality".
D.Making Conclusions of this study in order to develop a sound compiling model for a teacher's handbook as a reference to other compilations. This study concludes:
1.The current teacher's handbook is both a guide for teaching and a reference for in-struction.
2.The compilation of the teacher's handbook of "Junior High School Citizenship and Morality" is regarded acceptable and beneficial by teachers in this field.
3.The opinions and demands towards this handbook have been in agreement among the teachers with different backgrounds.
4.The function of this handbook is not well-documented due to the unconformity of administrative procedures.
Accordingly, suggestions of this study consist of
1.Refining a progressive model for compiling the teacher's handbook.
2.Developing a sound system of distribution and extension.
3.Providing essential and sufficient administrative coordination and support.
4.Enhancing professional knowledge and perception of the teachers and staff in this field

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