Journal directory listing - Volume 31-41 (1986-1996) - Volume 41 (1996)

Effects of Superplasticizer and Microsteel Fiber on the Properties of Cement Mortars Author: K. C. Hsu, Y. F. Lee(Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University)


The effect of naphthalene-base superplasticizer (SP) and microsteel fiber (SF) on the properties of cement mortars has been studied. SP was found to promote the dis-persion of cement particles and to interact with Ca(OH)2. As a result, the resulting mortars exhibit better workability, more compact structure and higher compressive strength. The proper content of SP in mortars is about 1 wt%. Addition of SF into SP-containing mortars may reduce the workability a little, but the compressive strength can be further increased. The strength of mortar with 1 wt% SP and 1 vol% SF after 28 days curing is 77.6MPa, which is 38% higher than that of plain mortar.

Keywords:Cement mortar, Superplasticizer, Microsteel fiber

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